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“It was truly a pleasure to meet with you. I have had many emails from Christine and want to commend her on her professionalism and response time. This is a great experience. She is “Really Good.” Your company has shown total professionalism and responsibility.”

– Al

“We want to say thank you again for all of your work. We appreciate your efficiency, attention to details and promptness. This was a much better experience for us because of your involvement in it. Thanks again.”

– Tom and Cathy

“It was a pleasure to work with you. I always felt I could trust you and was confident with all your decisions. It makes it hard to do business long distance, but you made it easy!”

– Pam

“Steve…is very professional. I am very satisfied with him. I have done a lot of business with him. I highly recommend Steve; he is trustworthy and reliable. I have bought a house thru them, they managed that house for 7 years and I sold my other house thru them. I have only positive things to say about them. Steven Larson is a person I completely trust. He has managed transactions of multi million dollars for me. Christine is the most responsive person I have seen. She is quick to take care of issues and always available online to answer questions and for comments. They have managed the property for me while I was in India.”

– Sid Kulkarni

“I know Steven for over 10 years, and he and his team has managed my various rental properties for the last 6~7 years. I only have good thing to say about them. Steven is always on top of issues and never loses control of situation, and never bring problem to me without solutions are already lined up. He communicates with me well, and his monthly report and rent proceeds check will arrive almost like clockwork. If you are thinking about using Westside to manage your rental property – I think you are making a very good business decision.”

– Andrew Tsai, Owner-Manager, TFA Association, LLC

“I came to learn about Westside after a friend recommended Steve Larson to help me with a real estate transaction (purchasing my home in Cambrian Park). My experience with Steve was positive, so I decided to continue with him (Westside) after I decided to hold on to my Mountain View townhouse as a rental property. I did not research or interview any other management companies. This is my first experience renting a property, and it has been about 18 months since I rented out my former home.

The monthly fee is reasonable to me. I am satisfied with how they screened potential tenants, perform routine maintenance (preserve the value of my asset), and verify the way my tenant has maintained the property prior to renewing the lease. I avoided struggling through a learning curve because Westside handled all the details, especially the ones I hadn’t thought of.

One way I gauge a referral is through the services and organizations they recommend. Since moving into my 60+ year old home, I’ve had need of a plumber, an electrician, a termite guy, a floor refinishing company, an exterminator, and cleaning. In each instance, I asked Christine for a recommendation first. Without exception, the folks Christine recommended were top notch. It is true that like attracts like..”

– John

“Thanks again for all your hard work with our house. I’m so happy I decided to get this in your hands….If I had tried to do all this and take care of my own house and 2 small kids, I would have lost my mind!!!”

– Rod