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Application Requirements

Application Process

We ask that applicants drive by the rental property first. To see the inside of a unit, please use the contact form located on the Vacancies page of our website. Please fill out this form completely. Calling us will NOT expedite your request. Due to the volume of inquiries, we will respond to and prioritize requests made through the form provided on our website ONLY.

To apply for the unit, each applicant 18 years or older must submit an application. You will receive instructions on how to obtain an application after viewing the property.

Applicant’s income to rent ratio is only one factor we use in determining eligibility to rent.

We run a credit report, background, and an eviction report on each applicant prior to offering a lease. We do not accept internet-generated credit reports or existing credit reports from applicants in lieu of our screening.

We contact references, and we may contact the applicant’s current employer to verify employment status. We may interview applicants to discuss the information gathered from the reports and references, and we may request further data and supporting documentation. Proof of income is required.

Westside Property Management reserves the right to change the qualification standards that are listed.


There is no cost to submit an application, though there is a $45.00 non-refundable fee per individual for credit screening. Each person, 18 years or older, who plans to reside in the property must submit an application, and it is our policy to screen each applicant for credit prior to offering the property. The screening fee must be paid up front, and can be delivered in person at our office or submitted via PayPal. We do not accept cash or credit cards over the phone.

Vacant Properties

It is not our policy to hold properties rent-free for an applicant who is unable to move in by an agreed upon date. If the property is vacant and deemed ready to move into, the maximum hold time is 14 days from application date. Note the target move-in date listed for each property before applying for a rental.


Often multiple applications are received.  It is possible that more than one application will be in process at one time. Even if an application is submitted first, this does not mean the applicant is guaranteed to rent a property. Therefore, we advise applicants to carefully consider a prospective rental property’s level of desirability and submit complete applications and credit screening fees accordingly.

When multiple applications are received an individual who pays the credit screening fee promptly may finish the screening earlier than an applicant who delays in providing the screening fee or responding to questions made to determine their criteria for qualifying. Under most circumstances we will only screen one applicant at a time, though incomplete applications, incomplete credit reports, or lack of response to questions may allow another applicant who provides sufficient information to proceed and/or finish the screening process first.

An applicant whose credit and income qualifications can not be verified by a credit report may be asked to provide additional supporting documentation which will delay our ability to evaluate creditworthiness. In some situations supporting documentation may require time for the applicant to obtain and during this time, other applications may be processed and accepted. We encourage applicants who expect their situation may require supporting documentation to advise us of their situation in advance so we can suggest what additional requirements may be needed.

Completing a credit screening does not guarantee creditworthiness. Applications may be accepted, accepted conditionally, or denied following a completed screening.

When multiple applications are in process we make every attempt to advise the involved parties that there are other inquiries in process, and provide suggested timelines that will enable each applicant to respond quickly to information requests. We will make one rental offer at a time. This means that one qualified applicant–who has provided all needed information to determine creditworthiness and ability to rent a property and has passed the credit screening–will be offered rental terms and a 48-hour period to deliver a holding deposit. Other applicants may be given the opportunity to be in “backup” position should a qualified applicant decline to rent the property or fail to deliver the holding deposit.

Once a rental offer has been made we may accept applications for the property, but we will typically not process applications until the 48-hour period is past and/or the holding deposit is not received.

When a holding deposit is received we will notify other applicants that there is an agreement to rent the property and discontinue advertising.

We will not accept a holding deposit without first qualifying an applicant.

Please note that fair housing provides guidelines for the number of occupants who can live in a rental property based on the living space and two occupants per bedroom. These guidelines are as follows:

1 bedroom = maximum of 3 persons
2 bedroom = maximum of 5 persons
3 bedroom = maximum of 7 persons

Move-In Process

Once applicants are approved, the security deposit (or holding deposit) must be delivered in form of money order, cashier’s check, or ACH payment within 48 hours of acceptance. Next, we prepare the lease agreement and supporting paperwork, which is sent to the applicants to review and e-sign. Once the lease paperwork has been signed by all parties, tenants are asked to submit their renter’s insurance policy and take over the utilities as of the date the lease initiates. Renters are then asked to submit the rent (pro-rated for the month or full month, if lease starts on the first) via their tenant portal. Then, the key exchange appointment is set for either the day of or prior to the lease starting. A walk through will be completed during the key exchange, and tenants given a move-in period to report any further items noted.

Pet Policy / Smoking Policy

Please note we have a no-pet and non-smoking policy for our rentals, unless otherwise noted in description.

Home Businesses

Renters who operate a business from a rental property must do so within the guidelines and restrictions of the city or county as well as carry appropriate level of insurance covering the business equipment, workers’ compensation, and business liability. Copies of business license and insurance will be required as part of the lease terms.